I am a passionate artist and electronic music producer, who believes that (through the

integration of texture and fidelity in their specificity of character) sound’s ineffable qualities

can be the most articulate.



Independent Feature Length Movie - All audio post production:
5.1 mix and master, Dialogue/Sound Editing, Sound design, Soundtrack,

Neu Balance
IDM, Health and lifestyles company - Received best of 2013 Vancouver music, featured 2013 New Forms Festival artist.

Vinyl Release on More Than Human records. New Forms Festival featured artist 2012.
Opened for critically acclaimed acts such as Oneohtrix Point Never & How to Dress Well.

Pro Fun City
An interview based documentary regarding Venue Closures and Age restrictions in Vancouver's local and all ages music scene in 2009-2010.   
Director, Interviewer, Script Writer, Film Editor.

Simon Fraser University — Bachelor of Fine Arts Music, 2014 - Electroacoustic & Music Composition
Lord Byng Secondary School - Received Scholarship award Most Improved Student

Work Experience:

Zulu Records, 1972 W 4th ave      March 2011-Present
CD manager, buying and pricing stock, Organizing ticket inventory and invoices,
Retail. Customer Service.

Soup etc. 1550 W Broadway, Vancouver     feb 2009-may 2011
Maintaining and closing store, cashier, server, cook, cleaning, barista

Volunteer Experience:
Construction work and Medical Clinic Assistant, other various labor tasks in poverty stricken areas
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic                      January 2006
Valencia, Venezuela                                                  July 2006
Villages within the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico        July 2007 - Learned to work under management, with a team, overcoming challenging circumstances culturally